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Service Intervals

Fox Float/Float 2/Float R Evol

Fox Evol RC2

Of course, maintenance intervals depend heavily on the type of riding and riding conditions. The above recommendations are for the average rider. If at any point you feel a degradation of damping or air spring performance, stop riding immediately and identify the cause of the problem.

Shock Service

Zero-Pro from $80/Shock

FLOAT / FLOAT  from $120/Pair

FLOAT R EVOL from $120/Pair

FLOAT X EVOL from $145/Pair

All air shocks - Air sleeve maintenance from $40

Parts and additional labor not included.


EVOL Upgrade Kit

Everything you need is included in this kit to transform your FLOAT or FLOAT 2 into a FLOAT EVOL, right down to the gold air caps and black and white decals. With our EVOL Upgrade Kit, you gain an extra-plush, bottomless feel ride without altering the ride height or roll stiffness of your sled.


Price does not include labor or any additional parts or upgrades.

Burandt Upgrade Kit


My FOX setup has helped to take my riding to the next level. In fact, 

the first thing I do on every sled I own is to upgrade to FOX!"

-- Chris Burandt

Developed in the 2009 season for the Arctic Cat M-Series with extensive testing with Chris Burandt, this rear track upgrade kit works on all M-series with stock rear skid (FOX FLOAT Air shock RT / FOX Zero-Pro FT).

The Chris Burandt Backcountry Kit will turn your Arctic Cat M series sled into a mogul soaking, trail taming machine. In addition to the added plush feel on the trail, our special valving will help get your sled on top of the snow with its improved weight transfer characteristics.


Price includes labor. Price does not include any additional parts or upgrades.


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